Swap your home 

Most tenants can swap homes with another council or housing association tenant, using a scheme called ‘mutual exchange’.  You will need to find somebody to swap with there are various websites and facebook pages to help you with this such as Council Exchange.

The exchange must be approved by both landlords before it can go ahead, but we cannot unreasonably deny the request. There are some types of housing that aren’t eligible for a swap; if this includes your home, we will let you know.

When you apply for an exchange, we will send you a form which you should fill out and return to us.

You are only able to swap to a property with the number of bedrooms your household needs and you may not be able to exchange if you are in the first year of your tenancy.

You should check with your us as to whether you are eligible and whether there are any specific requirements that you need to meet to be able to exchange homes.

Before you can complete an exchange, you and your ‘swap partner(s)’ need to meet certain conditions. For example:

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