Aids and adaptions 

You may find that because of illness or becoming less mobile that your current home is no longer suitable for you.

To help you remain independent in your own home we can sometimes carry out minor adaptations or supply and fit aids. Examples include:

Clothes line Repositioning of clothes hanging rails internally or externally
Doors Level thresholds
Doors Letter cage/delivery shelf
Doors Protective edging to door frames
Doors Suitable ironmongery (e.g. lever in place of knob handles, pull handles and rails to doors or kicking plates and lowering of locks)
Key safe Where this is an appropriate and more cost effective solution to the provision of a remote door entry system
Windows Window modification or provision of remote control window opening.
Handrail (external) Handrails at front and / or rear entrance of dwelling
Handrail (external) Additional handrail/s or guarding to existing ramps or steps (also to other parts of the dwelling where necessary)
Handrail (internal) Handrail/s / grab-rails in bathrooms
Handrail (internal) Additional handrail or handrails to staircase (also to other parts of the dwelling where necessary).
Kitchen   wall units Lowering of high wall hung cupboards
Heating Thermostat or heating control relocation
Lights   (external) Adequate provision over and above standard lighting requirements
Lights   (internal) Light switch replacement with ‘rocker’ or remote control switches
Lights   (internal) Increased lighting provision above standard requirements for people with visual impairments
Lights   (internal) Sensory aids for people with hearing impairments such as smoke detectors and door entry strobes
Steps Definition of step edges for people with visual impairment
Taps Lever taps provision to replace screw-down taps.
Electrics Relocation  of power sockets / switches at a convenient level

If you need help, please send us a letter from your doctor or occupational therapist explaining what you need and why you need it.

We will then consider your request and, in some cases, a joint visit will be carried out by our Technical Services Officer and your Occupational Therapist.

Where it is not cost effective for the work to be carried out, we will discuss alternative options with you, such as a transfer to more suitable accommodation.


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