Looking After and Improving your property 

What is an improvement?

An improvement is an alteration or addition to your home. It includes:

What do I need to do before I carry out improvements?

Before making any improvements to your home, you will need to write to your housing officer explaining the changes you would like to make, why they are needed and asking permission for the work to be done. Your housing officer will discuss your plans with you and our technical services team before a decision is made.

If we grant permission, we will ask you to sign a document agreeing to certain conditions. This will help to protect you by ensuring the work is carried out safely while also making it clear what will happen at the end of the tenancy.

These conditions could ask you to:

When the work is complete, we will carry out an inspection to check its standard and collect copies of any certificates or other documents.

Can I get any money back for the work when I move out?

As any improvements which you arrange fall outside of our statutory obligations to repair your home, we are not able to pay any compensation when you move out.

Any questions

If you have any questions about carrying out improvements to your home, please talk to your housing officer who will be happy to help.

Downloadable leaflets:

Improving Your Property

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