Annual Gas Boiler Safety Checks 


Suffolk Housing is responsible for the annual gas safety check of appliances. The gas safety checks are free to tenants.

Our duty as your Landlord

We will ensure that:

Gas fittings, appliances, pipe work and flues installed by Suffolk Housing are maintained in a safe condition.

All installations, maintenance safety checks and annual gas servicing is carried out by a Gas Safe Registered gas installer.

A gas service is carried out on each appliance/flue that is owned by Suffolk Housing in your home every year. When you move in all gas appliances/flues will be checked or when a gas supply is available after you move in.

A visual inspection is completed on your own appliances eg, cookers and gas fires.

We keep a record of each annual gas service and our contractors will send you a copy of the current gas safety certificate within 28 days.

Your duty as a tenant of Suffolk Housing

You will ensure that:

If you think you can small gas or fumes, turn off the gas at the meter, open windows, put out naked flames, don’t use electrical switches and contact the Cadent (National Grid) on 0800 111 999.



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