Rent and charges 

How Is Your Annual Rent Review Calculated?

The way that your rent is calculated has changed. From 2016 the government has advised that Social and Affordable rents will be reduced by 1% per year.

What Is A Service Charge?

A Service Charge is a payment made by a tenant or homeowner towards the cost of providing and maintaining communal services associated with their home and/or the surrounding area, such as grounds maintenance of a communal space, communal lighting or a door entry system into your block. This is in addition to the cost of any rent or ground rent that they may pay.

How Are Your Service Charges Calculated?

To calculate the costs that are expected to be incurred during the year ahead we look at costs that have occurred in the previous years, any contract changes that are likely to be introduced as well as other factors such as possible inflation, VAT changes or a change to the service provided. Some costs are very difficult to estimate, such as responsive repairs and for these an estimate is calculated based on the total amount spent over all the schemes in the previous year.

Personal Utilities

If your property has a communal supply for any of your personal utilities i.e. heating inside your property, not the communal areas, these costs will be shown under ineligible service charges (ineligible for housing benefit).

Administration Charge

This is the charge we make for administering and managing the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot afford to pay my rent or charges?

In the first instance, contact our Income Management team who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

For information on help that you may be able to receive for your housing costs can be found here

If you fall behind with your rent, Suffolk Housing may commence legal proceedings which could result in you losing your home.

I am on Housing Benefit and have been offered a new property – will that affect my benefit?

In some cases, you may be able to receive Housing Benefit on both properties for a short period, but only if you physically move into your new home the day your new tenancy begins. Contact our Income Management team or the benefits section of your local council for more information.

Please note, this will not be available if you are, or will be, receiving Universal Credit

How can I request a statement of account?

We normally post rent statements to all tenants quarterly but you can also request a statement at any other time from our customer services team on 01284 767224.



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