New Group Resident Participation Model Our role is to help bring the community together and encourage residents to work with Suffolk Housing. In supporting both, people will have nicer places to live. It is really important for us to listen and learn from our residents; as such a new Resident Participation model has been developed for 2018. You wanted your committees or groups to be more local and more relevant.  You also said that that communication throughout everything we do is crucial, good communication will allow your voice to be heard, ensuring that if necessary, your Resident Scrutiny Committee can hold Suffolk Housing to account. Equally it allows Suffolk Housing to work with you to bring all those goods things that happen, across our properties, to as many residents as possible.

As you can see everybody through our network of Community Neighbours, Residents Scrutiny and the Sheltered Housing Panel has a way of influencing Suffolk Housing to make the services it provides even better.

Understanding our communities and supporting them is very important to us. We can only do this if we make ourselves accessible, and give tenants the chance to talk to us. In 2018 we will continue to carry out site visits and community engagement visits at our schemes to allow us to have that face to face contact with our residents.  There are also a number of other new and exciting community projects being launched.

Links have been built with many other partners, Ipswich Borough Council Area Committees, Suffolk Police, Parish Councils, Credit Union, Positive Futures, Sudbury Town Council and other local authorities enabling Suffolk Housing to deliver a range of community projects. We will continue to develop these relationships to ensure your communities become really positive places to live.

There are lots of good reasons to get involved.  The opportunities are only limited by your personal circumstances and what you are able to contribute.  The number of residents who participate is growing and we believe are really making a difference. Use the menu of Community Involvement to explore the various activities or groups you may like to get involved in, or take a look at our  structure chart New Group Resident Participation Model

Finally, we have always found the best ideas are those that come from the people living in the community. If you are interested in turning an idea into reality or joining our team of active residents please contact us;

Resident Involvement policy RIP2016-A  (Currently under review)












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