We Value Your Feedback 

Have we done well or could we do better? we’re listening!

Do you have a complaint, comment or even a compliment?

Tell us what you think, good or bad


“A member of staff has gone above and beyond their duty, I am very satisfied and want that person to know that their actions have been noticed and appreciated”

Dissatisfaction or Service Failure

“An agreement has been made with a contractor to attend at a certain time and he doesn’t turn up or is late”

Informal Complaint

“I haven’t been treated as I would have expected, I would like an apology and want the member of staff spoken to so that he can learn from his mistake”

Formal Complaint

“This is a serious matter that needs a more formal investigation, a policy or promise has been broken and I believe that I have been treated really badly”

Please send your feedback to enquiries@suffolkhousing.org


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