Changes to your rent from July 2020 

Each year, we review your rent and calculate any changes in line with government guidelines. For the last four years, rents have reduced on our social rented homes.

From July, guidelines say that rents can be increased by last September’s Consumer Price Index (a common measure of inflation), of 1.7%, plus an additional 1%. Therefore, from July, most rents will increase by 2.7%.

Shared ownership customers rents will be amended in line with leases.

The government has confirmed that there won’t be a freeze on rent increases during the Coronavirus pandemic as the Coronavirus Act 2020 already contains measures to protect tenants.

The rent increases will help us build much needed new affordable homes, maintain existing homes and support a number of new projects to improve our existing homes and services.

Please contact our Income Management Team for information about Housing Benefit & Universal Credit.  If you have concerns about paying your rent, or are struggling due to coronavirus you can contact us on 01284 767224.

For further information about the various ways you can pay your rent, please contact Suffolk Housing or refer to our website:

If you have any queries about your new charges, please feel free to contact us.

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