Merger Update 

Payment of Rent/Service Charges and Other Charges

If you are in receipt of housing-related benefits we will notify the  Housing Benefit Team at your local Council or to the DWP (if you are in receipt of Universal Credit) so that they are aware of the change in your landlord.

You can continue to make rent/service payments in the same way that you currently do.   If you pay your rent by direct debit we will make the necessary changes to ensure payment is safely received by us.  If you pay by standing order you do not need to make any changes.

If you are currently in arrears of rent or service charges (or other charges), those arrears remain due and owing to Flagship as your new landlord.

Court Action

If Suffolk Housing Society is in the process of taking court action against you, for example, possession proceedings, Flagship will inform the Court to substitute Flagship as claimant in the proceedings. You should continue to attend Court when required to do so and respond to any correspondence or Court orders about your case if a reply is required. Any existing court orders awarded to Suffolk Housing Society will remain valid after the merger.

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