What My Home Means To Me – A residents story 

“A home to me is everything”

Since moving into our new home, our lives are filled with so much more happiness. We’re close to our families, my children’s schools and the shops, and have so much more space, plus a garden which we absolutely love.

Before we moved, we’d been housed by the local authority in a three-storey property, which wasn’t suitable for my daughter who has mobility issues. We were on the other side of town to our families and my children’s schools, which meant they had to get a taxi every day, and didn’t have a garden, which is really important when your children are eight and six!

“A home to me is everything”

What my home means to me – a residents story –

Towards the end of the first year of our tenancy, my partner’s uncle was diagnosed with a terminal illness and we were told that funding for the school taxi was due to finish. We knew we needed to move to be closer to our families and the schools.

I started to look for someone who wanted to do a mutual exchange. Within two months, we’d found someone to swap with and after four weeks we moved into our Suffolk Housing home. We were really surprised at how quickly everything went through once we had submitted the paper work.

A home to me is everything, it’s a place to build your family to enjoy precious times and make memories. That is why it is so important that it’s the right home for you.  For more information on swapping your home, visit www.suffolkhousing.org/swap-your-home/


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