It’s a gift – we’ve been given a new start 

A mother-of-two has said “there are not enough words” to describe the huge difference which moving into a Suffolk Housing property in the village where she has spent her life has made to her family.

Our new resident and sons aged 18 & 11 and pet black Labrador picked up the keys to their new build three-bedroom home in Risby during October. They moved to the property, in Fishers Drive, from a cramped privately-rented house in the village, which saw the brothers forced to share a bedroom and sleep in bunkbeds.

Since the move, our resident who works at a nursing home in the village, says the family have not looked back, and are all “absolutely loving” their new home.

“I can’t explain how I felt when I found out we had got the house – I still get really emotional now,” our new resident has lived in Risby all her life and whose mum, auntie, great uncle, sister, nieces and nephews also all live in the village. “It has made such a big difference to me and my family – there are not enough words to describe it. It’s a gift – I feel as though we’ve been given a new start.

“If we hadn’t been offered this house we would have been forced to move out of the village, which would have turned all of our lives upside down. I don’t drive so couldn’t have kept my job, plus it would have meant a change of schools.

“Our new home is a really lovely size and has a great garden which looks out over open fields. It already feels like home and we are very content. We feel so lucky and are very grateful to Suffolk Housing.”

The home is one of six developed by Suffolk Housing at a cost of £710,252. Four are rented and two are shared ownership properties, while all have been made available to local people with a link to the village.

Sue Philp, Suffolk Housing chief executive, said: “We are delighted that our latest scheme in Risby has made such a huge difference to the family, as well as our other tenants who have moved to the site. These new homes will play a vital role by allowing people to remain living in the village of their choice, in turn helping to ensure our rural communities continue to thrive.”

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