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#togetherwithtenants. Be apart of a country wide consultation lead by the National Housing Federation.
We produce a range of publications for our residents and partners. Suffolk Housing produces a range of documents aiming to keep you informed of events, important changes to the way...
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Our role is to help bring the community together and encourage residents to work with Suffolk Housing. In supporting both, people will have nicer places to live. It is really important for us to listen and learn from our residents;

It has come to our attention in the last month that email traffic to Linnet Homes Ltd has been interrupted and it has proved impossible to re-instate access to the existing email addresses. Linnet Homes is a subsidiary of Suffolk Housing Society Ltd, and staff working within Linnet Homes also have Suffolk Housing Society email addresses. Please use the following contact details to contact us regarding Linnet Homes business:

Kate King –

General enquiries –

Direct Dial :- 01284 773432

Office:-          01284 723332

Mob :-            07493 868839






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