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 West Suffolk are changing their blue and black bin collection

From 11 November 2019, West Suffolk are changing the blue and black bin collection rounds for all 80,000 households across West Suffolk. The change can include a combination of a day change, collection week change or a change in the time of day that we normally arrive at each household. 

These changes are necessary to maintain efficiency whilst managing housing growth, waste growth and to reflect changes to the locations where we take the collected waste. The change affects blue bins (recycling) and black bins (residual) only and there is no change to the collection days and weeks for brown bins (for households that subscribe to the garden waste collection service).

They have sent letters to all households in West Suffolk, which sets out their collection day and how to manage their waste. All information is also available on the council’s website at the following link:


The website includes details of the changes and incorporates a postcode look-up tool which allows residents to understand how bin collections change from next week.


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