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Suffolk Housing wants to provide all customers with stand-out services. This customer charter has been developed with residents and sets out the standards of service which you can expect to receive.
We produce a range of publications for our residents and partners. Suffolk Housing produces a range of documents aiming to keep you informed of events, important changes to the way...
Community Involvement  
Our role is to help bring the community together and encourage residents to work with Suffolk Housing. In supporting both, people will have nicer places to live. It is really important for us to listen and learn from our residents;


You may be aware that in May 2019 we announced that we were in discussions about a possible partnership with the Flagship Group (Flagship).   Suffolk Housing and Flagship believe that we can achieve much more together than we can apart. By uniting, we can continue to improve our existing homes, provide better services to customers and invest in our communities.  We want to ensure that our customers and residents are informed about our partnership plans and are able to express their views. Over the next few weeks, we will be writing to our customers to let them know what is being proposed and why we are considering a partnership.


In order to maintain the safety of your building, please could we ask that you:

  • Do not block fire doors or means of escape
  • Do not “wedge” open fire doors
  • Do not smoke in prohibited areas
  • Do not store unauthorised flammable or combustible materials in the common parts of the block
  • Please Make your selves familiar with the fire evacuation policy in your block
  • Please regularly test your smoke alarms

If you have any questions, please contact Suffolk Housing Society on 01284 767224 or email us at whilst we are carrying out changes to our website

Thank you for your co-operation

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