Annual Gas Boiler Safety Checks 

Suffolk Housing are required by law to carry out Annual Gas Safety Boiler Checks.  This is for the safety of our tenants and is a responsibility of the landlord.  Residents that refuse a certified engineer entry to their home to carry out an annual check are in breach of their tenancy.

Many people feel its not important for these checks to take place and see it as inconvenient or a waste of their time. The checks only take a short time and the engineer makes an appointment beforehand so you know they are coming, they will change time and date to suit you as well.  Its only once a year and the safety of you and your family is more important than a few moments of your time. Gas can be deadly.

If you have a gas boiler and have been contacted to arrange an appointment but are not sure what the check is for or need further clarification please contact our offices on 01284 767244 or email



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