Resident Scrutiny Panel 

What is it?

The Resident Scrutiny Panel is a group of Residents who meet bi-monthly to look at specific areas of Suffolk Housing and identify areas where they think things might be improved or changed. They also review areas of good practice and ensure that these are shared.

Why do you need me?

We need residents to look into different issues such as how different services are performing so you are likely to revisit existing policies that may have been in place for some time. The reports you produce on your findings will, where necessary, recommend improvements to Suffolk Housing Services.

What’s in it for me?

You will participate in excellent training programmes offering valuable experience and an opportunity to enhance your existing skills and develop new ones. It also gives you the chance to really make a difference.

Current Members

R Carstairs

Rowan Carstairs – Chair








Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker – Vice Chair










M Symonds

Michelle Symonds










Gerry Burns

Gerry Burns



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