Tenant Friend 

What is it?T F

Being a Tenant Friend you would be the point of contact for us in your local community. You can assist your neighbours by reporting repairs, keep an eye on the area generally and bring any necessary matters to our attention. Tenant Friends are important, they are people scattered throughout our communities who are there to look out for their fellow neighbours and help those in need.  We hope that all our tenants look out for one another, and many of our Tenant Friends may look through the role description and see what they have been doing for years, however, by being a Tenant Friend, we know who you are and hopefully by communicating with you, we can help you and you can help us. This is not a time consuming activity as it is up to you how much or how little time is spent.

Why do you need me?

We would like tenants to join our network of Friends to help build stronger communities and assist other tenants who may need a little support. As you live in the community you will know the neighbourhood and so understand it better than we do.

What’s In it for me?

A sense of community, being able to help others. Being a point of contact for Suffolk Housing you will get to know our business better. This could be used as a stepping stone for other tenant involvement activities.  Please contact Abbie Jordan on 012584 715393/07876832559 or email Abbie.Jordan@suffolkhousing.org for futher details or click  the link below  to take you to our Tenant Friend Manual which will tell you all you need to know about being a Tenant Friend for Suffolk Housing.


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