Designated Panel 

What is it?

Suffolk Housing do not receive many complaints, but when we do we want to be transparent, open and fair. Part of the nationally agreed process governing complaints is to include tenants in that process. You will be able to offer support to tenants in a conciliatory role, remain independent but giving advice on how a complaint should be resolved. You will also be able to see if Suffolk Housing are putting into practice recommendations from the Resident Audit Committee.

What is in it for me?

It is your chance to improve   Suffolk Housing as a business. Learning is a key part of the complaints procedure, you will be helping that learning to take place. You will receive training and skills in negotiating, influence and shaping all of benefit for your future.

Why do you need me?

With the re-shaping of the Ombudsman Service the government has introduced  ‘designated persons’ to be part of the process. A tenant complaint panel has been nominated as being ‘designated persons’, so it is people like you that we need to help resolve complaints. You will however, remain independent through the process.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact our Tenants Liason Officer:  Abbie Jordan on 012584 715393/07876832559 or email

This publication will give you more details:








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