Community Mini Bus 

Mini BusWe are sponsoring a valuable community minibus which will take housing help, financial advice and a range of other services direct to our residents’ doorsteps.

We have donated £1,500 to Sudbury Town Council to cover the costs of taxing and insuring the vehicle. As a result, it is being used by a variety of community groups, such as wardens and council staff, the police and Streetwatch, to help take local services closer to people’s homes.

We are using the vehicle at sites across the county to help increase resident involvement and promote engagement.

Martin Barnes-Smith, our community development manager, said: “We are delighted that we’ve been able to continue our long tradition of supporting our local community by sponsoring the minibus”.

Our housing stock is spread across Norfolk and Suffolk, so it can be difficult to encourage our residents to come to us. The minibus is allowing us to go to them, which is making it easier for us to engage with people in their own neighbourhoods.

The minibus acts as a mobile office, while we also use it to run activities for our tenants and work in partnership with others, such as the Credit Union, so that we can take financial advice direct to people’s doorsteps.

The fact that the minibus is also getting such good use from council staff, the police and other community groups is fantastic news and shows the sponsorship was money well spent.

Future dates to be confirmed.




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